ADXL335 I2C 2004 LCD

First tests of accelerometer ADXL335 using I2C controlled 20×4 LCD


For the tests I used already installed for 16×2 display module LiquidCrystal_I2C library (see distance meter and other posts)

The accelerometer IC itself is described on Analog Devices and has pretty simple interface when mounted on GY-61 board. There are just 3 connectors for each direction acceleration analog signals and power. It seems that one can power GY-61 module with 5V but I sticked to 3v3 and also used it as the reference voltage for analog input. Continue reading ADXL335 I2C 2004 LCD

HC-SR04 and 1602

Simple ultrasonic sensor module HC-SR04 and 1602 LCD display were combined into useable digital yardstick.

Two versions of the sensor module from different suppliers worked similar way. The right one sometimes (name printed in the middle) had sometimes tendency to keep once entered “out of range” state forever. Simple transistor to switch on/off VCC did the trick – if the “out of range” state was longer than 1 second the module was switched off and switched on back.


The sensor is ooperated by standard Arduino commands, and  the display is controlled by the object from LiquidCrystal_I2C library

Continue reading HC-SR04 and 1602

HMC5883 GY-273 test

Basic setup to test HMC5883 on GY-273


Real images:


Just connect: GND, VCC (5V), SCL and SDA (I2C standard signals) to your Arduino. Older versions could use A4 for SDA and A5 for SCL, but with most up-to-date boards appropriate dedicated pins (see green and purple connection lines) could be used,
And another image with shorter connectors:WP_20151112_08_24_39_Pro Continue reading HMC5883 GY-273 test